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Great architecture expands our connection to the world around us. Curate spaces and examine the evolution of the art of building.

About this Workshop

Campus: Wellesley College | Rising Grades: 10,11,12

Architecture is the technical art of designing spaces and structures that are suitable, adaptable, and flexible enough for both communities and individuals. This course will explore the utilitarian, aesthetic, and expressive process of developing architectural plans and pitches. Begin with examining buildings on Wellesley’s campus and around Boston to develop a common vocabulary around the building structure, aesthetic, and its place within a community. Dive into experiential exercises, including hard-lined scale plans, elevation drawings, and the creation of architectural scale models—the studio fundamentals that translate your vision onto the page. As part of a team, take on a design challenge and prepare a proposal for a new building, including the construction of scale models. Refine your work in response to formal critique sessions, adapt your concept, and develop a design to display at the end-of-session art show and in your personal portfolio.


3D Modeling
Complete scale model constructions of your architectural designs using industry-standard prototyping tools and techniques.

Design Proposals
Prepare a professional presentation and portfolio of your final designs, including scale models, line drawings, and elevation drawings.

Professional Collaboration
Engage with industry professionals in design critique sessions.

Campus Architectural Tour
Tour the Wellesley College campus to examine the evolution of campus buildings.