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Business Management

Business leadership requires a connection between fundamental theories and personal implementation. Generate new ideas and confront actual business issues to build management skills.

About this Workshop

Campus: Wellesley College | Rising Grades: 10,11,12

Managing a business requires leaders to think analytically, adapt to changing circumstances, and apply appropriate strategies. Learn how to solve problems, connect with customers, and maximize resources to build and grow a business. Along with applying fundamental disciplines like finance, marketing, and accounting, managing the human capital within a company (the employees) is the key to business success. Leadership and business management go hand-in-hand, and this course will connect theory to practice to build winning business strategies.


Case Interview training with Marc Cosentino
McKinsey + Company says “Cosentino is the Dean of Case Interviews.” Cosentino’s coaching can prepare you to nail business case interviews, a prerequisite for many competitive internships and jobs in the industry. Cosentino also explains how you can start a case competition team at your high school and join a case competition network.

Business Simulation
Implement a business strategy by manipulating prices, production, marketing, and research development in a business simulation game.

Harvard Business School Case Studies
HBR case studies are at the heart of MBA study. Deep practice with the case method drives critical thinking and complex problem solving. You will dig into cases, from business management and entrepreneurship to leadership and organizational behavior to innovation and global supply chains.