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Criminal Investigation + Prosecution

From the cop on the beat to the judge on the bench, investigate a crime scene and make a case for justice.

About this Workshop

Campus: Regis College | Rising Grades: 6,7

Using the powers of deduction and gritty determination, work together with your team to identify a suspect, make an arrest, and take your suspect to court. Learn forensic lab fundamentals—such as analyzing fingerprints, tracking clues, and testing evidence—before playing the parts of lawyers, witnesses, judge, and jury. Along the way, strive to get the clearest picture of the case by exploring the role that bias plays in our legal system and unraveling context, motive, and differing storylines. We need your help in rewriting the story for justice!


Practice objectivity while gathering evidence from the scene of a crime.

Conduct pH testing and fingerprinting of collected evidence.

Use a light microscope to analyze fibers and hair samples.

Seek justice and bring the suspect(s) to trial in court.