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Crack criminal codes, encrypt secret messages, and learn about major ciphers as you solve a mystery and reclaim a treasure.

About this Workshop

Campus: Regis College | Rising Grades: 6,7

The red phone just rang. That means just one thing: the EXPLO Security Agency (ESA) needs you. The ESA has just uncovered a major theft: the Key to EXPLO Magic has gone missing. They're gathering a team of expert cryptographers and have called on you to help recover the Key. Your task: to crack criminal codes and encrypt secret messages to help locate the Key and help make EXPLO secure once again. Learn about major ciphers, from the Caesar and Rail Fence ciphers to the German Enigma machines. As you begin to create your own dialogues in code, try to crack the criminals' master code and recover the hidden treasure.


Practice nonverbal communication skills as you guide a blindfolded teammate through a laser maze using only a dog clicker.

Construct your own cipher wheel and use it to decrypt messages from the enemy… and from your friends.

Discover how to communicate top-secret messages in Morse code audibly and visually.

Exercise creative problem-solving skills as the mystery unfolds.