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Create a short film that tells a compelling visual story and get hands-on experience using professional filmmaking equipment and techniques.

About this Workshop

Campus: Wellesley College | Rising Grades: 10,11,12

This course will help filmmakers develop their own camera vision and craft a compelling visual narrative that taps into the vast resources of the buildings and diverse backdrops of the college campus. Analyze and critique scenes from classic and groundbreaking films. Then, with a small team, create a short film from start to finish. Working through the creative planning process, generate ideas, develop the narrative, and storyboard the main sequences. Collaborate with your team on plot and structure, character development, and screenplay writing. Through development, you’ll get comfortable with professional equipment and editing software, learn about camera techniques, framing, staging, lighting, and sound. With the resources of the college campus and the nearby downtown shopping area, local parks, and other locations within walking distance, learn how to scout locations and collaborate with your production team and actors to create a short film that moves your audience.


Professional Coaching
Learn the art and science behind the craft and improve your storytelling skills through one-on-one coaching with filmmaking experts.

Manual Camera Operation
Learn to operate a DSLR camera. Gain an understanding of how changing resolution and frames per second, shutter speed, ISO, and aperture produce strikingly different results.

Explore the art of storyboarding while developing compelling narratives and visualizing scenes. Using the story as a guide, build a shot list to direct the camera and capture precise, detailed looks needed while filming.

Film Festival
Premiere your film to a live audience at the end of the session.