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Global Detectives

We need your help to stop the super-secret Intelligentsia Society that is conspiring to gain political power and reshape the world order.

About this Workshop

Campus: Regis College | Rising Grades: 6,7

The Intelligentsia have left traces of their tracks as they traverse the globe, planting their agents in different governments and institutions as they work to rewrite history and replace the world’s diverse cultures with their own monoculture. As Global Detectives, your job is to find them, figure out where in the world you are, and, in a race against time, ensure that each nation is kept safe. Along the way you’ll learn from famous artwork, discover how cooking a dish tells the story of a group of people, and use engineering to fuel new discoveries.


Practice interdisciplinary thinking as you learn about the world through art, cooking, dance, and more.

Use technology to explore the geography and culture of each destination as you collect facts and knowledge.

Collaborate with teammates as you engage in collective problem-solving.

Immerse yourself respectfully in cultures from around the world.