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Government Simulation Challenge

Face the challenge of building a nation from scratch and collaborating with your comrades to survive this global game.

About this Workshop

Campus: Regis College | Rising Grades: 6,7

A deserted island. A group of people hungry for change and revolution. With your basic needs secured, it’s time for a constitution, a flag, and currency—all necessary for the birth of a new nation. Next up: design a harbor. Manage a forest. Build a movie theater. Hey, building a nation isn't so hard, is it? Except… wait a minute: how are you going to provide power to your new country? Does everyone have a place to live? Is there enough to eat? What are those other countries around you doing? Is there a war on the horizon? Should alliances be formed? Just who is making the decisions around here? As you plan, build, and decorate a large-scale, 3D model of your utopian island countries, build the world as you want it to be built!


- Participate in an immersive, nation-building roleplay game. - Build 3D models and design infrastructure for public transportation. - Draft a constitution, create a budget, and allocate construction resources. - Gain experience with creative teamwork and consensus-building.