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International Relations

Dissect global policy decisions, giving equal consideration to all countries from the smallest island nations to the largest world powers.

About this Workshop

Campus: Wellesley College | Rising Grades: 10,11,12

As the interconnectedness of our world grows through trade, migration, and policy, consider: What obligations or responsibilities do world powers have to other nations? Explore global policy decisions from an international perspective, giving equal consideration to all countries, from the smallest island nations to the largest world powers. Take on the roles of global leaders, corporate CEOs, government agents, and NGO (non-governmental organization) workers as you work with (and against) classmates on international efforts from addressing climate change to containing a global trade war. Plan a crisis response that delivers aid to where it’s needed without becoming embroiled in bureaucratic red tape. Craft policies that address international refugee crises and take into account the struggles refugees face on the ground. Delve deep into the dance of international diplomacy, and examine how the interplay among power, order, communication, and self-interest impacts foreign policy and international law. Examine opportunities for working in the field of international relations, and discover how to jump-start your career in global affairs, including qualifying exams, graduate work, and internships in the public sector and beyond.


Climate Change Simulation
Rising sea levels threaten to engulf small island nations that are already reeling from the environmental impacts of climate change. Nations all over the world must work collaboratively to define a solution for one of the most critical issues of this century.

Explore Current Global Issues + Events
Dive deep into current global issues like climate change, migration, and international conflicts to gain a wider understanding of the events and policy that shape today’s world.

Consult with Global Affairs Experts
Learn from practicing professionals and experts in the field of diplomatic relations and foreign affairs for an insider look at real-world policy recommendations, studies, and decisions. Past speakers have included Samantha Power, Gideon Rose, and Juliette Kayyem.