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Intro to Programming: Root Robotics

Come join our coding community as you learn how to make a robot come to life!

About this Workshop

Campus: Regis College | Rising Grades: 6,7

Using the Root programming platform, find out how to code everything from a simple drawing program to a wall-climbing, maze-following robotic sidekick and a disco dancing expert. We start with the basics—click and drag to program your Root robot right out of the box. From there, explore the structure of the Swift programming language as you keep exploring what your Root can do. Imagine the possibilities with a robot that can see, hear, feel, climb, react, play, bump, and move! With our programming app and your innovative ideas, who knows just how far you may go?


Discover coding with the iRobot® Coding app; explore virtual simulations and how they translate to real-life movements.

Translate click-and-drag block programming to the professional coding language Swift.

Explore click-and-drag programming software by making your robot draw pictures and dance to music. 

Collaborate with your classmates in a final coding challenge to bring to life anything from gaming robots to beatboxing and dancing robots.