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An idea or product is just the first part; how to sell is the critical connection between product and consumer. Design a marketing campaign using modern marketing strategies.

About this Workshop

Campus: Wellesley College | Rising Grades: 10,11,12

Great brands are an idea—an identity—and in the case of a company, they infuse its products and services with meaning. As consumers, we can’t help but be attracted to brands that resonate with us, upping our odds of using their services and even developing loyalty over time. In this course, learn the art and science of marketing, which is finding and communicating with a target audience. By working on a client project, gain experience developing a strategic marketing proposal. Refine your proposal by exploring current trends in digital marketing, including search engine optimization, content-driven marketing, and social media to make your campaigns “sticky.” Then, walk your client through the ways your proposed marketing strategy will provide a return on their investment and widen or deepen connections with their audience. Careers in marketing span a wide spectrum, from creative directors and brand strategists to writers and analysts. Investigate the myriad of options and how you might launch a marketing career.


Market Research
Use data analytics and modeling to develop nuanced theories about the needs and desires of a target group of consumers.

Craft a Brand Identity
Build an identity and create a narrative that consumers can connect to and find meaning in. Workshop strategic positioning statements, messaging, and proof points for real-world clients.

Marketing Mix (4 Ps)
Review case studies and consider factors like price, product, promotion, and place for several brands, using the "4 P's" to create a brand identity for a new product.

Pitch to a Marketing Team
Apply your marketing skills by brainstorming, creating, and pitching a marketing campaign proposal to a leading marketing firm.