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Mystery of Marvels: Superhero Lab Science

Discover the science behind the abilities and limitations of some of your favorite superheroes (and villains).

About this Workshop

Campus: Regis College | Rising Grades: 6,7

This is not your ordinary science lab. Here, our team of scientists are busy running super-secret experiments on a team of well-known superheroes (we can’t tell you who they are yet, but trust us, this is the big leagues). Your directive is coming from the Lab Director of the Special Task Force on Superhuman Activity. Your job is to better understand each superhero—their special abilities and limitations, what makes them tick. We’ll need to perform a series of experiments in the lab (and sometimes outside the lab) using the power of science, specifically chemistry, biology, physics, and engineering. We’ll also need to examine their history—who are their nemeses? What are their fears? Big scientific experiments always start with big human questions. So, crack open the comic books, put on your cape (er, lab coat) and get ready. This is superhero science!


Dig into the origin stories of your favorite superheroes and discover how scientific concepts like chemistry and physics shape their powers.

Use a variety of tech and laboratory tools like thermal imaging cameras, microscopes, and more.

Debate the ethics of superheroes and their responsibility to society. 

Design and conduct scientific experiments in the lab, like making super-stretchy polymers and storm clouds with dry ice.