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Studio Art

Discover your artistic voice: An eclectic studio art class fusing multiple mediums to create powerful and impactful art!

About this Workshop

Campus: Wellesley College | Rising Grades: 10,11,12

Delve into multiple realms of art, including mediums such as watercolor, sculpture, and mixed media. Along with building techniques within each medium, you'll discover the transformative power of artistic expression in multiple environments. Paint a landscape of a campus scene, build a sculpture for public display, and assemble a statement piece of art. Build skills such as critique, impact, and curation to fuel discussions that consider the societal and cultural impact of art.


Art Exhibit
Visit a public art installation to consider the impact of art in public spaces, then create a piece for public display on campus.

Multimedia Fusion
Explore the dynamic world of art by combining various mediums, from painting and sculpture to digital art and mixed media, allowing you to express your creativity without limits.

Impactful Art Creation
Learn how to infuse your artwork with meaning and emotion, enabling you to create impactful and thought-provoking pieces that resonate with viewers on a deep level.

Exhibition Opportunity
Showcase your artwork in a gallery exhibition at the end of the course, providing a platform to share your creations with the public and gain valuable exposure.