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Tiny Home Design + Engineering

Play with architecture, design, and engineering to create your own dream tiny house.

About this Workshop

Campus: Regis College | Rising Grades: 6,7

Welcome home! But wait… your new house is the size of your old bedroom. Where will you sleep? Is that a closet, or a bathroom? Tiny houses are solving problems around the world from homelessness to the environment, their small footprint offering new opportunities for creative living. Using recycled and sustainable materials, you’ll build prototypes of multifunctional furniture, like a table that transforms into your bed. Engineer storage solutions that maximize your minimalist space. Choose interior colors that can give your home a cozy vibe and help the space seem more spacious. It’s a big challenge, but your creativity and innovative ideas will turn this tiny house into home sweet home.


Create architectural drawings,  including plan, site, and elevation views.

Explore architectural form and function within the constraints of a tiny home design.

Develop unique multifunctional furniture. 

Use math, physics, and art to construct scale models of your designs.