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We soar to new heights

Each day at EXPLO is designed to encourage learners to dive right into new and different subjects and activities to develop their strengths and build new skills — surprising themselves with all that they’re capable of


EXPLO Junior for Rising Grades 4-7

Our curious and adventurous students live and learn alongside their peers at our summer enrichment program located at Wheaton College in Massachusetts:

Voyagers: Students entering Grades 4+5 in fall 2022
Pioneers: Students entering Grades 6+7 in fall 2022

EXPLO Junior - A Day in the Life

Rising Grades 4-7EXPLO 360°

3-Week Residential or Day

Students in our multi-course 360° summer youth program choose from more than 50 courses and electives — so they can explore more of what sparks their curiosity and start to step outside of their comfort zone.

  • Session 1: June 26 – July 15
  • Session 2: July 17 – August 5
Program Details Courses + Electives

Rising Grades 6+7EXPLO Focus

2-Week Residential

Our Focus summer youth programs are designed to provide Voyagers with a deep-dive experience into a single subject area.

  • Session 1: July 3 – July 15
  • Session 2: July 17 – July 29

Focus Programs:

Veterinary Science
Emergency Medicine

Rising Grades 4-7EXPLO Mini

One week educational childcare  •  $795

More than any other childcare, EXPLO Mini aims to provide an enriching environment that encourages students to learn, grow, and try new things. Students choose from a weekly mix of courses that tap into the arts, science, and engineering.

Available the weeks of:

  • Monday, June 27
  • Monday, July 4
  • Monday, July 18
  • Monday, July 25
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Soaring to New HeightsOur People

Students, Staff, and Alumni

Our students, staff, and alumni — who come from 50 US states and 93 countries — form our global community of explorers. Each and every one of us is brimming with ideas, curiosity, and strengths; but together, we accomplish unbelievable things — all thanks to the good influence of the amazing people around us.

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Summer 2022The EXPLO Experience

EXPLO isn’t like summer camp — but it isn’t like school, either. Here, each day is designed to let our students try different things, develop their strengths, and build new skills. On any given day, students could be defending their castle under siege, designing their own clothing line, and investigating a crime scene — all before lunch. And since our students structure their own day, they get to choose the courses and electives they take and the activities and trips they participate in.

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Summer 2022Our Campus

We’re proud to hold our EXPLO Junior program at Wheaton College where we are able to provide students with a wide range of quality facilities for explorations such as state-of-the-art facilities for our science courses in a LEED-certified building, beautiful art studios with great natural light, and open green spaces for sports and recreation to name a few. Its location in the center of Norton, Massachusetts is perfectly situated 38 miles from Boston and 25 miles from Providence, Rhode Island. Connected by a small, picturesque pedestrian bridge, campus life at EXPLO revolves around the two sides of Peacock Pond. One side of the pond features our residence halls and dining hall; the other, our air-conditioned classrooms, recreational quad, and athletic spaces. It’s the perfect place to stage innovative learning environments exclusively for our students.

The EXPLO Blog

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