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Get ahead on your college search


Jumpstart your college search with a tour of the Berkeley campus and visits to Stanford University and Santa Clara University. Get a leg up on the applications with workshops on the UC admission process, essay writing, and college interview skills. 

Campus tours

University of California, Berkeley

The top-ranked public university in the U.S., its 178-acre main campus is home to museums, research facilities, a botanical garden, and Memorial Stadium, home of the Golden Bears.

Stanford University

World-renowned Stanford University, neighbor to the high-tech capital of Palo Alto, boasts one of the largest campuses in the U.S.—over 8,000 acres. (We can’t show you the whole thing, but you’ll see the best parts.)

Santa Clara University

Tracing its roots to an 18th-century Spanish mission, Santa Clara University is the oldest continually operating institution of higher ed in California. Some of the latest additions include a 194,000-square-foot library and new business school and art history buildings.

Make your college application stand out

In addition to the unique and inspiring experiences you’ll gain through Explorations at Berkeley, you’ll receive a written performance evaluation from your instructor at the end of your program. These comments on your work, contributions, and areas of strength can be a valuable addition to your college applications.

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Get the inside scoop from admissions experts 



Demystifying the UC application

Interested in applying to any of the University of California schools? Then you’ll need to complete the UC application. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of an application completed by more than 200,000 students last year—and learn how to stand out in a crowd. 


The college essay

College admissions in the U.S. are changing. Standardized tests are now optional at most colleges, and the Supreme Court has ruled against race as a factor in admissions. What does this mean for your college essay? Hear from an expert on why the essay remains important and how best to approach this key component of your application.


The college interview

Colleges and universities have very different approaches to interviews. Learn from an expert on what “demonstrated interest” means, the pros and cons of interviewing on campus or with alumni, what kinds of questions you may be asked, and how to prepare for what can be an enjoyable conversation—if you’re ready.