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Grades 4-7  | Wheaton College | Norton, MAExplore. Experiment. Discover.

At EXPLO, we provide learning experiences designed for curious kids to open up their world.

Session 1: June 27 – July 16, 2021
Session 2: July 18 – August 6, 2021

PROGRAM OVERVIEW At EXPLO, we empower kids to explore and encourage them to try something new — every day

We don’t put classroom walls around learning. We believe kids are innately adventurous and resilient; and when we give them space, empower them to make choices, and encourage them to just go ahead explore, it opens up their eyes — and their minds — to a bigger, brighter, bolder world.

Courses + activities for every explorer

Kids have lots of interests. EXPLO has lots of options. From fast-paced outdoor activities and athletics to courses that challenge students to innovate and create, our explorers are exposed to a wide range of subjects and opportunities to enjoy together.

Courses + Electives

Safety at the forefront

EXPLO has always been the leader in student care. Our staff-to-student ratio is 1:4 and our on-campus Health Center is staffed with nurses 24/7. This summer, our comprehensive COVID-19 safety protocols, including contact tracing, social distancing, and masks as necessary, will ensure the health and safety of our community.

Student Safety

Diverse and vibrant community of smart and curious kids

EXPLO is a community that celebrates both individuality and the common ground that connects us: an insatiable curiosity to get out and explore. Here, kids learn, have fun, and make friends with peers from diverse backgrounds who expand their horizons.

Student Life

Developing lifelong explorers

We design transformational learning experiences that allow our students to develop the skills and habits of explorers — those who are known to overcome challenges and accomplish great things.

Lifelong Explorers

Explorers Shape the Future

EXPLO is where young learners develop the qualities that prepare them to thrive in a dynamic and evolving world; where they find empowerment to take charge of their learning and become the most authentic version of themselves; and where they find the inspiration to apply their unique skills and strengths to positively impact the world we live in. At EXPLO, students develop the habits of an explorer, preparing them to thrive in a dynamic future of their own design.


Characteristics of an Explorer


When young people are encouraged to make choices to try something unfamiliar, that's their first bold step. We give them a safe place to explore new courses and activities so that they’re more willing to tackle problems they've never encountered — while building the courage to pursue uncharted territory.


Perseverance, optimism, resilience: these are characteristics that become habits of mind through trial and error. Our projects are intentionally designed to leave room for mistakes and opportunities to try again when things don’t quite go according to plan — and they often don’t. For younger students, that means learning to flow with “failures,” and having fun with the idea that they get to try again (and again, and again...) until they achieve their desired result.

Think Big + Take Action

Here, design thinking and engineering principles are applied to projects in the classroom that are tied to solving problems that happen every day in the real world — proving to kids that they can tackle problems bigger than themselves, and empowering them to set grander goals with a sense of purpose.

Conviction + Humility

Our broad range of courses allows students to deepen their strengths and interests, honing in on what is meaningful to them and pursuing it with confidence and enthusiasm. Through these explorations, they also come to understand that their ideas and solutions are strengthened when they welcome the different perspectives and ways of thinking that come from working with a diverse group of people.

Once an Explorer, Always an Explorer

EXPLO alumni are lifelong learners, and they’ve got stories to prove it. Check out some of our notable alumni…

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Program Dates2021 Session Dates


Session 1:
June 27 – July 16, 2021

Session 2: 
July 18 – August 6, 2021

Curious about what a day at EXPLO looks like? From the moment their feet hit the floor to the moment their head hits the pillow, it’s full of opportunities to try new things and explore!

Program Details
2021 Session Dates

TestimonialsWhat Families Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it…

Gaining Confidence

I gained new confidence at EXPLO and found that people like me so much better when I’m just myself. I like myself better, too. I carried this new self-assurance to school and made all new friends. I couldn’t be happier.

Izzie H., Student


I really love everything the program has to offer. Between meeting new people from around the world, to having responsibilities and learning to be independent and confident, EXPLO is a great place to go while growing up.

Sergio O., Parent

I just get to be myself

EXPLO really helps you try new things. Before I came, I was pretty much doing music all day, every day because that’s just what I was used to. Here, I chose a forensic science class because it was different. Now I see that you don’t always have to play it safe. It’s ok to step off the path you’re on to find a new one.

Joel G., Student


EXPLO set the tone for us to embrace our differences and learn to love each other because of them.

María P., Alumna