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Psychology and neuro Pre-College in California

Examine brain function, disorder + treatment up close at UC Berkeley

The human brain provides a source of endless mystery and fascination. Although recent advances in psychology and neuroscience have given us powerful new insights, plenty of uncharted territory remains. In this immersive program in psychology and neuro for high school students California, you’ll tackle questions like: How does the brain adapt to injury? How does it affect our bodies and overall health? What can we do to restore—or enhance—its function? Join us for this immersive psychology and neuro Pre-College in California.

  • Session 1
    Residential: June 30 - July 13
    Commuter: July 1 - July 12
  • Session 2
    Residential: July 14 - July 27
    Commuter: July 15 - July 26
  • Location:
    University of California, Berkeley
  • Staff to Student Ratio 1:6
  • Tuition
    Residential: $6,400
    Commuter: $3,190
  • Tuition + Financial Aid

Delve into the human mind

Lead Instructor

Psychology + Neuroscience

Dr- Sarah Parmigiani-1

Dr. Sara Parmigiani 

In this psychology and neuro Pre-College in California, you’ll learn with leading experts in the field. A staff scientist at the Keller Laboratory at Stanford University, Sara Parmigiani holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive and Brain Sciences from the University of Trento, Italy.

The focus of the Keller lab is working on novel methods, mechanistic insights, and personalized treatments to improve mental health. Dr. Parmigiani’s current work includes the study of brain stimulation and recording, with the goal of developing personalized neurotherapeutics and clinical interventions that leverage our understanding of neuroplasticity.  During her free time, Sara enjoys the outdoors, ranging from hiking to horse trail riding with her family.

This Explorations at Berkeley program in psychology and neuroscience for high school students California give you access to experts across multiple institutions in the greater Bay Area and nearby, including UC Berkeley, Stanford University, and more.

What you'll do

Berkeley_Psych- -Neuroscience_BrainBodyInteraction_3x4_top

Brain-Body Interaction

Explore the connections between mental health and physical health; from nutrition and exercise, to sleep and stress, discover how a wide variety of factors converge to impact not only our mood, but also our overall mental well-being. 

Berkeley_Psych- -Neuroscience_Dignostic_3x4_left

Brain Architecture + Neuroplasticity

Discover the basic structure of the human brain, and how different areas relate to cognition and physical sensation. What impact does damage to different areas of the brain have, and how can the brain compensate in the face of lasting damage?

Berkeley_Psych- -Neuroscience_BrainArch_3x4_left-1

Developmental Psychology

Interact with industry professionals and academics to uncover how the brain develops over time, and how this process of development can inform fields such as education, entertainment, and more.

Neuroimaging Technology

Diagnosis + Treatment

How do clinicians diagnose psychological and neurological conditions? Work through case studies to try your hand at both diagnosis and designing treatment plans, and speak with professionals about treatment successes and ongoing challenges.

Experience a Day in the Life with Sevina


Explorations in Psychology + Neuroscience

What Lights Me Up:

“I joined theater this semester and it’s a blast!  I like being part of this giant group putting together a musical. We’re doing Chicago. I’m working on sets and costumes. When I’m not doing that, I have a part-time job at the humane society. Dogs-are-my-life. I want to adopt them all!”

Program description

Delve into the human mind and the mysteries of the brain. In this psychology and neuro Pre-College in California, you’ll bridge the gap between academic theory and real-world application, interacting with leading researchers and practitioners in the field. 

Have discussions that stretch from cognitive behaviors to the neural networks driving them. You'll explore psychological phenomena through experimental and applied lenses—everything from neuroanatomy to the impact of psychological principles in daily life. Gain a foundation for understanding the intricacies of mental processes and prepare for interdisciplinary psychological and neurological research. This immersive program in psychology and neuro for high school students California gives you access to experts across UC Berkeley, Stanford, and more.

Advisors + Faculty + Speakers

Take a look at some of the current and former advisors, program faculty, and speakers over the years to get a sense of who has had a hand in shaping our curriculum. You get the real deal here at EXPLO.

Laurence Steinberg
Laurence Steinberg, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Temple University

Olivia Moorehead-Slaughter, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Saul Kassin
Saul Kassin, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor of Psychology, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Jerri Lynn Hogg
Jerri Lynn Hogg, Ph.D.

Media Psychologist

Marc Tetel
Dr. Marc Tetel, Ph.D.

Allene Lummis Russell '46 Professor of Neuroscience, Wellesley College

BJ Casey
BJ Casey Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology, Yale University

Dan Lerner
Dan Lerner

Author + Clinical Instructor, New York University

Preview college life at a world-class university

3x4 berkeley campus

Whether as a residential student living on campus with a roommate and eating in the dining hall, or as a commuter joining us for the day and optional evenings, you’ll experience life in one of the country’s most renowned academic capitals. Stroll among the famous campus redwoods or explore the bustling college town right outside. Nearby, you’ll find arty San Francisco, high-tech Silicon Valley, and beautiful beaches.

Live the EXPLO life

At EXPLO, we combine mind-expanding discovery with serious summer fun. Play some pickup soccer or board games with new friends. Hike up to the Botanical Gardens. Stroll into downtown Berkeley. Hit the sunny beaches for a day of seaside fun. And do it all with curious and inclusive new friends.

Get to know your summer home.