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Join Alicia at EXPLO Pre-College! 

Take a trip through her day and see the new directions she explored, and choices she made. How will you make Oxford + London your own?


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“I absolutely love traveling. My mom works for the State Department, and we’ve moved all over the world. I love the variety. Learning about local cultures. Different foods. Music. Languages. Just everything.”



Age: 15, rising 10th grader 

Program: Explorations In Business, Law + Politics at Oxford + London

My Day at EXPLO


8:15 AM

Walked to breakfast with my suitemates. I had coffee and a scone with clotted cream.

Business, Law, and Politics
Periods 1 + 2
9:00 AM

Our instructor, Dr. Ezikoğlu, brought in a professor from the London School of Economics. They coached our teams on strategy before we continued our crisis scenario from yesterday, negotiating a treaty with one another (everyone represented a different nation, NGO, or other interest) to try to bring an end to a conflict. 

12:00 PM

We grabbed a quick bite in the dining hall, before heading back out.

Business, Law, + Politics
Period 3
1:30 PM

Last week we did a debate session with someone from the Oxford Union. Today, before heading to the British Museum, we debated what nations should do with artifacts they still retain from their colonial pasts. 

British Museum
2:45 PM

The British Museum is right down the street from campus! We first toured some of the collections as a class with Dr. Ezikoğlu- it made the discussion from this morning feel a lot more real. Then, we had some time to explore on our own. This place is amazing.  I’ve got to come back.

5:30 PM

To celebrate the end of our crisis scenario, the whole class went to Nonna Selena’s Pizzeria for dinner.

Jack the Ripper Tour
7:30 PM

As a group, we hopped on the London Underground to Tower Hill, where we met our tour guide for the Jack the Ripper Tour. It was really cool. It ended up being a kind of creepy and captivating walking tour of the world of Victorian England. Kind of like walking through a movie set, but it was real.

Dorm Check-In
10:30 PM

I love, love, love my suitemates. We hung out in our common room comparing notes about our day. I’m starting to wonder if London would be a good place to go to university.

Pick your program. Explore. Have summer fun.