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Machine learning + artificial intelligence for high schoolers

Engage the promises + pitfalls of these revolutionary technologies 

In this Concentration in machine learning and artificial intelligence for high schoolers, you’ll analyze software, write machine learning code, and learn about life-changing applications of AI. Welcome to the dawning of a new era in human history. The impact of these technologies is already felt in nearly every industry and facet of life, from biotechnology and medicine to climate change and the future of democracy. The technology we create helps us unlock insights about everything from our own daily decisions and behaviors to large global systems. In this AI summer program, you’ll see how this civilization-altering technology is being shaped by the ethical and technological decisions we make today.

  • Session 1 
    Residential: June 30 – July 19
    Commuter: July 1 - July 18
  • Location:
    Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA
  • Staff to Student Ratio 1:6
  • Tuition
    Residential: $7,895
    Commuter: $3,995

    Tuition + Financial Aid

Dive into the world of artificial intelligence

Lead Instructor

AI + Machine Learning


Mariam Elmasry 

Your guide through this exciting field is Mariam Elmasry, data scientist at Ericsson Communications. A former Fulbright Scholar, Miriam now builds systems that use data analytics to boost Ericsson’s business. She also used analytics and AI to streamline business tax work as senior associate at Ernst + Young Global Consulting Services.

Program description

In EXPLO’s Concentration in machine learning and artificial intelligence for high schoolers, you’ll address important technological and ethical decisions surrounding AI through discussions, case studies, coding experiments, and creative projects. Connect with the data scientists, researchers, business leaders, AI activists, and artists who are navigating the impacts of AI as we speak. In addition, consider issues of bias, equity, privacy, security, and more as you design and implement your own machine learning process.

What you'll do


Bias in AI

Analyze AI software, such as the facial recognition or voice automation built into many smartphones, and investigate whether its functionality is compromised due to bias in the underlying dataset it’s built on in this AI summer program.


Machine Learning Project

Write machine learning code that produces insightful results from a large dataset. To ensure its reliability and security, get personalized feedback from expert partners in AI and machine learning industries. This Concentration in artificial intelligence for high schoolers gives you unparalleled access to experts.


COVID-19 Vaccine Case Study

Discover how some of the world’s best minds harnessed the power of AI to develop a COVID-19 vaccine on an unprecedented timescale—and what some of those same scientists now say about future applications of the technology for other longstanding biomedical challenges. 


Deep Fakes

A video surfaces of a foreign nation state leader pledging an immediate nuclear attack on US soil. Within minutes, it’s gone viral, and the US military mobilizes. Later, the video is debunked by leading AI scientists as a deep fake. Learn to identify and combat these deep fakes as they become increasingly sophisticated, prevalent, and dangerous.

Prerequisite for AI + Machine Learning 

EXPLO’s AI summer program relies on a basic understanding of the programming language Python. For students unfamiliar with it, we strongly recommend the free Codecademy Python 3 course (the first 7-10 hours; functions, control flow, lists, and loops) or the book Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes.


Get Summer Research Experience

This Concentration offers the option to develop your own formal research project. Develop foundational research skills like experiment design, data collection and analysis, and literature review, culminating in written and oral conference-style presentations. Gain valuable experience and give your college applications a boost.

Experience a Day in the Life with Evelyn


Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning Concentration

What Lights Me Up:

“In a word: Computers. I love building them and programming them. I work in Python and Java. Lately, my friends and I have been making hilarious videos in HeyGen constantly changing them into different languages.  It’s kind of freaking out our families what you can do with generative AI.  When I’m not in front of a computer I’m playing sports—basketball’s my favorite, but I love anything active.”

Get up close

Go places like MIT Museum's exhibit on AI for a guided tour
Hear firsthand from
expert speakers like Syracuse University Professor Shelly Palmer and Marktus Atanga, machine learning engineer at Moderna. 

Advisors + Faculty + Speakers

Take a look at some of the current and former advisors, program faculty, and speakers over the years to get a sense of who has had a hand in shaping our curriculum. You get the real deal here at EXPLO.

Shelly Palmer

Advanced Media Professor in Residence, Syracuse University
Regular commentator on CNN and CNBC
Widely recognized expert on AI, technology, and media

Charis Loveland

AI Business Development Manager, Amazon Web Services

Dave Touretzky

Research Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Computer Science Department + Center for Neural Basis of Cognition

Jim Spohrer, Ph.D.

Former Director of Cognitive Open Tech, IBM

Khashayar Rafat Zand M.D.

Associate Professor of Radiology, UMass Chan Medical School 

Vasudha Shivemoggi Ph.D.

Senior Data Scientist, Rapid7

Raluca Crisan

CTO + Co-founder, ETIQ

Erick Galinkin Ph.D.

Principal AI Researcher, Rapid7 + Researcher, Montreal AI Ethics Institute

Lulu Tan

Machine Learning Engineer, Unity Technologies

Earn college credit

All EXPLO Pre-College Career Concentrations offer the opportunity to earn two to three college credits before you even enroll in college. 


Everything you need for a summer to remember


Explore future careers as a residential student...

Live the on-campus life with a roommate, meals in the dining hall, and all the support you need from live-in deans, and residence directors and advisors.


...or a commuter

Enjoy access to all the same facilities and activities as residential students, with the option to spend three evenings of your choice on campus included in your tuition.

Live the EXPLO life

At EXPLO, we combine mind-expanding discovery with serious summer fun. Join a club, play sports, take in a movie or show, or just relax by beautiful Lake Waban. Or take a quick train into Boston for a foodie tour, cruise, or ball game—all with curious and inclusive new friends.

Get to know your summer home.