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Journey through the heights + depths of the mind

Explore the intricacies, functions + pathologies of the human brain in a psychology summer camp

Psychology seeks to understand behavior and develop models of cognitive and physiological processes. Neuroscience goes a step further and seeks to answer the questions: How does the brain give rise to the mind? What is the biological basis for emotions and reactions? How are mental illnesses related to differences and changes in brain functionality? 

  • Session 1:
    Residential: June 30 - July 19
    Commuter: July 1 - July 18
  • Session 2
    Residential: July 21 – August 9
    Commuter: July 22 - August 8
  • Location:
    Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA
  • Staff to Student Ratio 1:6
  • Tuition
    Residential: $7,895
    Commuter: $3,995

    Tuition + Financial Aid

What makes up your mind?

What you'll do

Brain Dissection

Brain Dissection

Dissect a sheep’s brain in a session led by a neuroscientist and conduct a neurochemistry procedure to examine the impact medication can have on the brain.

Conduct + Present Research

Conduct + Present Research

Complete an original research project and present your findings in our end-of-session Brain Summit Symposium, attended by industry professionals and academics. Receive feedback from psychologists, clinicians, and industry experts in fields such as clinical psychology, behavioral neuroscience, or organizational psychology.


Neurochemistry Lab

Determine the efficacy of treatments for neurodegenerative diseases in a college research lab.

Neuroimaging Technology

Neuroimaging Technology

Get hands-on experience with the latest neuroimaging technology. Interpret EEG readings, discuss how scans are used in determining treatment protocols, and learn about other applications of these technologies in research and patient treatment.


Network with Professionals

Connect with professionals in a range of careers that use a background in psychology and neuroscience, and learn about careers, research, and academic opportunities.

Program description

Explore the intersections of psychology and neuroscience in an attempt to understand and unlock the mysteries of the human brain. Delve into a range of disciplines within the field of psychology and learn how to apply different therapeutic theories to diagnostics and clinical treatment of mental illnesses.

An introduction to behavioral neuroscience examines the presumed biological bases for such illnesses — as well as the relationship between brain activity and a person’s subjective experience, principles governing neuronal activity, and neurotransmitter systems in memory, motivation, and addiction. Here, you’ll explore the tools used by psychologists for diagnosis, analyze nervous system anatomy and functionality through labs measuring muscle action potential, and learn from leading experts on the role of psychology in the interrogation of criminal suspects.

Advisors + Faculty + Speakers

Take a look at some of the advisors, program faculty, and speakers over the years to get a sense of who has had a hand in shaping our curriculum. In this psychology summer camp, you get the real deal.

Laurence Steinberg
Laurence Steinberg, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Temple University

Olivia Moorehead-Slaughter, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Saul Kassin
Saul Kassin, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor of Psychology, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Jerri Lynn Hogg
Jerri Lynn Hogg, Ph.D.

Media Psychologist

Marc Tetel
Dr. Marc Tetel, Ph.D.

Allene Lummis Russell '46 Professor of Neuroscience, Wellesley College

BJ Casey
BJ Casey Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology, Yale University

Dan Lerner
Dan Lerner

Author + Clinical Instructor, New York University

Earn college credit

All EXPLO Pre-College Career Concentrations offer the opportunity to earn two to three college credits before you even enroll in college. 


Everything you need for a summer to remember


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Live the on-campus life with a roommate, meals in the dining hall, and all the support you need from live-in deans, and residence directors and advisors.


...or a commuter

Enjoy access to all the same facilities and activities as residential students, with the option to spend three evenings of your choice on campus included in your tuition.

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At EXPLO, we combine mind-expanding discovery with serious summer fun. Join a club, play sports, take in a movie or show, or just relax by beautiful Lake Waban. Or take a quick train into Boston for a foodie tour, cruise, or ball game—all with curious and inclusive new friends.

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