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Join Sam at EXPLO Pre-College! 

Take a trip through their day to see the college experience they created. What will yours look like?

Untitled design (15)What Lights Me Up

"A few years ago my uncle sold a business he started. He took me through the whole process—organizing, getting seed money, marketing, all of it—and I’ve been fascinated with that ever since. I have so many ideas for companies I want to start now, but I definitely see b-school in my future first.”



Age: 17, rising 11h grader

Program: EXPLO Pre-College Entrepreneurship Concentration 

My Day at EXPLO


8:00 AM

Ugh.  Slept too late for this today!

Periods 1 + 2
9:00 AM


Took a trip to Harvard Business School this morning and talked to students there. Then we went through a case study about a tech startup where we had to analyze things as though we were consultants. The founder was a genius, but hadn’t studied any business. In the end, the case came down to distribution, should the business sell directly to consumers or pay affiliates to promote?   We learned that many companies make you analyze a case in the hiring process. Turns out that next week we’re meeting with Marc Cosentino who works with all the top business schools in the country to get their students ready for these kinds of interviews.

12:30 PM

We ate packed lunches on the grass overlooking the Charles River. We couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful the campus was.  I can see myself going to school here or at least in Boston.

Concentration Period 3
2:00 PM


This afternoon we broke into our teams to review the feedback from prospective customers and users of our new website. Back to the drawing board.  Across the board, our prospective customers balked on features and price and our website users got confused.  We clearly have more work to do.

Community Meeting
3:45 PM

During Community Meeting, my roommate and I volunteered to participate in a dance battle on stage. I’m so bad at dancing, but it was really fun to just mess around. Our living group cheered us on so loudly!  I would never do this at home.  But here, I do lots of things I’d never do at home – and it’s fun.

Open Time
4:00 PM

Started a tennis club with two friends. We found a faculty advisor, Bertrand, who is so good.  We had about 10 others join so we were able to get in a bunch of rounds.  Then we all decided we needed to challenge Bertrand.  None of us stood a chance, though Alain was the closest, but in the end he lost.  We had such a great time.  Then we walked into the Ville and got drinks at Starbucks.

6:00 PM

Comfort food dinner.  Pot roast.  Mashed potatoes.  Carrots and mixed veggies.  And ice cream.  Thank goodness I played tennis!

Living Group Check-In
7:15 PM

The weather today was SO nice. During check-in my roommate, Noah, and I laid in the grass and soaked in the sun.  I ate too much at dinner

Evening Programs
7:30 PM

They actually had bouncy houses on the quad for Carnival Night.  And a dunk tank.  And loads of games.  Bertrand was in the dunk tank and everyone from tennis was there.  He taunted us all.  We dunked him three times!

Residence Hall Check-In
10:15 PM

It’s Roberto’s birthday, and his parents sent a cake.  We sang Happy Birthday, ate cake, and talked about which weekend trips to go on … white water rafting, surfing, Newport, Six Flags, Museum of Science, Red Sox and a bunch more.